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Customize your Payment Portal for your ChatGPT plugin


Having a custom branding is crucial for your users to trust your brand.

This small change can lead to a significant increase of brand awarness and sales!

So, in this quick tutorial we are going to see how to customize your payment portal for your ChatGPT plugin on PluginLab.

Here we assume that you've already configured a ChatGPT plugin on PluginLab and installed the Payment Portal.

Getting started

First, go to

There you can see that you can update the following fields

The logo displayed on the portal
The Primary color used for buttons and period tabs
The terms or services (or any url to your website)
Choose to hide the "Powered by PluginLab" watermark or not

Payment Portal Branding Page

Here if you don't see any preview of your payment portal, it most likely means you have not configured any products and prices yet. So please, follow this tutorial first.

Proceed to the customization you want. Here's how it looks once configured:

Payment portal customized

These changes will be instantly reflected to your users once you click on Save Changes :)

In two minutes we customized our Payment Portal for our ChatGPT Plugin users. Congrats!

Feeling lost?

Feel free to contact us using the Chatbox on the bottom right corner and we will be more than happy to help!

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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