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Customize your OAuth portal for your ChatGPT Plugin


So you created a nice ChatGPT plugin and you added an OAuth flow with our nice Authentication Portal.

That's great because authenticating your users on ChatGPT Plugins is crucial.

But what if you could also customize the branding of your portal?

That will for sure be helpful for your ChatGPT Plugin users to get more engaged with your own brand and product.

Good news is, that's what we cover in this two-minute tutorial

Getting started

First, go to

There you can see that you can update the following fields

The logo
The Primary color
The terms or services (or any url to your website)
Choose to hide the "Powered by PluginLab" watermark

Branding Page

Proceed to the customization you want, et voilà!

Customized Branding Page

These changes will be instantly reflected to your users once you click on Save Changes :)

In two minutes we customized our OAuth Authentication portal for our ChatGPT Plugin users. Congrats!

Feeling lost?

Feel free to contact us using the Chatbox on the bottom right corner and we will be more than happy to help!

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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