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How to charge my customers for my ChatGPT plugin (Stripe, Plans and Quotas)

So you created a successful ChatGPT plugin but it costs you a lot in server fees?

Well, PluginLab allows you to configure some quotas and plans to restrict your members.

It takes less than 10 minutes to charge your first customers with an elegant payment portal.

For people who prefer watching a video while they are chilling on their couch, here it is:

Before to get started be sure you have configured your ChatGPT plugin with OAuth on PluginLab

Note that at the moment OpenAI is quite unclear about policies of plugin monetization. Many users are currently charging customers using our payment feature but you are using it at your own risk.

1. Connect your stripe account

Go to
Click the CONNECT STRIPE button
Follow the process on Stripe

Stripe Connect

Note that you cannot link the same Stripe project to more than one plugin at a time. This limitation is mainly here to avoid conflict between products of different plugins.

2. Create your first plan

Now you have linked your Stripe account we can start creating our plans.

A plan is a product that will give access your users to some set of features.

A plan is made of one or more prices and can be attached to a quota.

In this example we're going to create two plans:
- Basic
- Premium

You can create as many plans as you want but in most cases two or three plans will be enough. I suggest you have a look at Good, Better, Best pricing strategies.

Go to
Click on NEW PLAN
Add a name and a description (these will be displayed to your customers)
Click on save
Repeat this operation for all your plans

Adding a plan

3. Add some prices

Now we created our plans, it's time to add some prices.

You're probably wondering why a plan can contain multiple prices.
Well, the reason is simple. In most situation you would like to create multiple prices depending on the billing interval.
For example, you could have a Monthly price and a Yearly price. Usually people paying yearly get a small discount to reward their upfront payment for example.

In our example, we are going to create both a monthly and a yearly price for every single plan.

Open the plan of your choice
Click on ADD PRICE
And choose the values that work for you
Repeat this process as many times as you want for every plan

Here pay attention to the interval count, frequency and currency. If you want one payment per year you can set an interval count of 1 with a frequency equal to year for instance.

The tax behavior corresponds to the Stripe tax behavior and may require additional setup on Stripe

4. Preview and customize your branding

Now you've configured your plans and prices you can preview your portal and customize your branding.

Go to
Change your logo, the color and more...
Verify your prices are displayed as you would expect
Save it

Preview tab

5. Create a FREE quota

So far we created our plans and prices. Now we are going to create some quotas to apply limits to our members.

First you have to create a free quotas. A free quotas applies to all your free members.

Go to
Click on Create Quotas
Choose the limits you want to apply (for example 1000 requests per month)
Be sure "Apply to free members" is turned on

Now, everytime someone is reaching the limits, ChatGPT is going to return a link to your Payment Portal.

We are mostly done, it's time to create the paid quotas.

Free quota

6. Create your paid quotas

Create a quota for every paid plan you have created so far
This time be sure to select the plan of your choice instead of "Apply to free members"
Your done!

Paid quota

7. Enjoy your portal!

We're done! Now, your quotas are ready and you can monitor the usage of your members directly by going to the Events section.

If you want to try your payment portal, you can get the URL by going to the Plan's Preview page

Preview URL

Payment Portal Example

Feeling lost?

Feel free to contact us using the Chatbox on the bottom right corner and we will be more than happy to help!

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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