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How to monetize my premium features using Gated Content?


In some situations you want to offer some free features to your users and make them upgrade to use some specific premium features.

To do so, you can use our Gated Content feature.

A gated content allows you to decide what plan is required for a user to use an endpoint of your API.

How it works

Create a gated content on PluginLab
Select the the backend URL feature you want to protect
Choose which plan can access this feature
Done! ChatGPT will now nicely redirect people to the payment portal when they want to use this feature if they don't have the right subscription.

How ChatGPT responds when you try to access a gated resource


Before using this feature, be sure your plugin is working properly you connected payment.

See How to monetize a plugin if needed.

Getting started

Go to PluginLab > Gated Content
Click on ADD GATE

Add gate

Add a name
Select the endpoint you want to protect
Select the plans you want this feature to be allowed to
Click on Create

Filling our the form

Fill out the form


It was quick, but it's done

Your feature is now protected by PluginLab's proxy.

Your users will still have access to all your other free features, but only users on the plan you selected will be able to use the feature you gated.

Here's an example reply from ChatGPT when a user tries to access a gated feature for which it does not have access:

A gated feature response

By following this link people will get redirected to your Payment Portal. You can learn here how to configure and customize your payment portal.

Payment Portal Example

Feeling lost?

Feel free to contact us using the Chatbox on the bottom right corner and we will be more than happy to help!

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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